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Attractions, Historical Sites & Monuments

Attractions, Historical Sites

Mount Athos: An immense Byzantine museum and the guardian of Orthodoxy (ή καλύτερα the Orthodox world’s holiest site) (60 km away).

Petralona: The “Acropolis” of paleoanthropology, where is the cave of Archanthropus (45 km away).

Ancient Olynthus: Top city of the classical period, with the most organized system of urban planning (20 km away).

Ancient Stagira: Place of birth of the philosopher Aristotle (45 km away)

Archaeological Museum of Polygyros: With exhibits of engraved monuments and remains from the Classical and Hellenistic periods.

Porto Koufo: A tiny fishing village with a rich history and the largest natural harbor in Greece (80km away).

Kallithea: The Temple of Amon Zeus and the Sanctuaries of Nymphs (47 km away).

Potidea: The ruins of the castle and the Potidea Canal (30 km away).

N.Fokea: The Roman farmhouse in Megali Kypsa, and Stavronikita’s Tower (1543) (40 km away).

Nikiti: The Early Christian Basilicas (St. George, Elia, Sophronius – 34 km away), of Toroni (Agios Athanasios- 70 km away).

Mountain side of Halkidiki: Discover local markets in the virgin nature of the Cholomontas mountain (Taxiarhis 7km away-Arnea, Megali Panagia 35km away-35km-Vadvos 20km away)

Thessaloniki: The capital of Northern Greece. Countless attractions: Archaeological Museum, Museum of Culture, Macedonian Μuseum of Μodern Αrt, State Museum of Contemporary Art, Jewish museum, Ataturk museum, Science Centre and Technology Museum “NOESIS” , Museum of White Tower, Museum of Photography, Cinema museum, Olympic museum, Church of Saint Demetrius (55km away).

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